IU has, and has had for some time, a management problem. Multiple bad decisions regarding the head coach left the program floundering with inadequate guidance. No ability to manage RMK and transition plan prior to action. Mike Davis did not have the skill set. Sampson was on probation and was a completely unnecessary risk. Crean was an over reaction to “cleanliness” over competency. The financial chaos of it all lead to paralysis in the ability to maintain standards (just like Crean won’t use the bench to demand behavioral change, IU finds itself financially (and PR) impotent to make change).

The problem is not directly the coach. It is an incompetent administration that lost the program. And it currently has no ability to understand its situation or how to manage it. The appropriate changes to correct the course do not begin or end with a new head coach. I have no belief that any meaningful change is coming. Mediocrity is a pretty high bar for the University in its current iteration.