Ahrens has been a bit under the radar in comparison to his classmates Davis and McQuaid. This is for understandable reasons, most notably the fact that he missed so much time between his junior and senior year due to a leg injury, and then he had a long road back to 100% health and basketball confidence.

When you look at him, one question you don’t have is physical readiness. He’s listed at 6’5″ 210lbs and he looks every bit of that to me. MSU likes him because he’s got some nice perimeter touch, because he’s athletic and because he’s “bulldog” tough (their words, not mine). Izzo has mentioned that in time, they think Kyle can be a defensive stopper on the perimeter. Athletically and physically, he’s got the package necessary to be a Big Ten player IMO.

The question is going to be how soon he sees the floor. IMO, unless MSU gets hit with a heavy dose of injuries, it’s difficult to see him being in the rotation this season and I think a redshirt is probably coming. That’s a good thing for both him and the program, as I think Kyle is a guy who could be of value later in his career, so an additional year of development puts him in a better position to be able to help 3 or 4 years from now. He’s got potential, there’s no question about that. I just think the injury put him a bit behind in terms of polishing his game and thus he can use a year to continue to do just that.