Spring Preview



Nothing at all, roster wise. Iowa didn’t lose anybody and didn’t make any late additions, so the same roster we saw in late April is operative right now. 6 newcomers total, with 5 of them being freshmen…so just about half the roster is new to Big Ten basketball.


Iowa has an interesting mix. It’s tough to say that a team which will likely feature three senior starters and a fourth in Clemmons who will play a lot is inexperienced or in flux, because it’s not. Yet, with all of those new faces coming on board, it seems inevitable that this will be something of a transition year as well.

Uthoff gives the Hawks a clear cut go-to guy and he will be Plan A offensively for sure. It’s how things fill in after that, with Aaron White now gone, that leads to questions. McCaffrey is talking about Adam Woodbury being a 30-35 mpg guy this year…I’m not buying into that at all, not unless he’s all of a sudden figured out how to play without fouling at a much better level than we’ve seen to date. Gesell is OK but he’s never quite made good on his early promise, especially as a deep shooter. Clemmons is a support guy who can defend and run a team as a backup, but he’s not a major part of the answer. Of the returnees, the guy with the highest upside IMO is Jok, whom I think could develop into their #2 or #3 scorer this season.

It appears that Iowa has a good incoming class. The JUCO Jones has a lot of hype around him, especially in terms of his ability to shoot from range, something the Hawks need to seriously upgrade. Some of the freshmen look like they could be able to help as role players early on.

This team doesn’t have a “bad” look per se, it’s just that in a league with this much depth, it’s tough to pick them any higher than this. I have them with 8 conference wins, which is probably enough to mean that the non conference and maybe even BTT performance could make or break their season from a Tourney bid perspective.