Wow. One of the all time greats and probably the best rebounding big man (I still make Rodman the best pure rebounder overall). Feels to me like his place among the all time greats has lost a little luster over the last 10-15 years but it really shouldn’t…he was an absolute man on the blocks. At his peak, say 77-84 or so, he was the best center in the sport. Kareem had a much longer peak but for that 6-7 year period, I think you’d have to give Moses the slight edge.

Won’t ever forget “Fo, Fo, Fo” and how he was the missing piece that finally turned the Sixers from disappointments to champions. That’s another thing that’s lost some luster over time…people talk about the 86 Celtics or 87 Lakers and even the Bad Boys or some of Jordan’s teams (not merited, btw) as the “best” they’ve ever seen but the 82-83 Sixers were right there with anybody. 65-17 regular season when the competition was FIERCE…you had the Celtics with healthy and young Bird, McHale, etc., the Bucks with Moncrief and Lanier, and then the Lakers on the other side of the conference divide. Yet, it was obvious that whole year that Philly was the best team and that was due in large part to Moses, because nobody had an answer for him.