Events leading to September 2000: Doninger feuds with Knight; program is unstable and dysfunctional. With Doninger sitting there as AD, Brand stomps in, fires Knight with no plan to maintain the program, and sets out to de-emphasize (i.e., mis-manage) the basketball program. They hire the no-experience guy who ultimately, not surprisingly, takes the program down to a deep level of mediocrity.

March 2001: IU hires McNeely to replace Doninger and Brand (not the athletics department) announces that they’re naming Mike Davis the permanent head coach.

November 2002: IU fires McNeely. Lots of talk of how he mismanaged the money and basically fired all the coaches in sight (except Davis). Terry Clapacs takes over as interim AD.

2003: Herbert replaces Brand.

September 2004: IU hires Greenspan from Army where I understand he was widely hated. (He’ll later go on to get the boot from IU and from Rice).

2004-2005: Greenspan watches Davis lose and does nothing, but does take lots of notes from the stands.

February 2006: Mike Davis buckles from the pressure and finally says ‘no mas’. Now that the plane has actually crashed into the tarmac after a painfully slow and agonizing descent with lots of panicked shrieking, Greenspan belatedly agrees that Davis’ resignation is probably the right call.

Spring 2006: Herbert jumps into action and reportedly compels Greenspan to hire ne’er-do-well Sampson off the sanctions wire and Greenspan proclaims it a huge get. IU will later blow itself up amidst the subsequent (and foreseeable) repeated violations by our ne’er-do-well meathead coach.

2007: McRobbie replaces Herbert (amidst cries by the faculty that Herbert was basically incompetent).

2008: The jig is up and Sampson has to go. The writing’s already on the wall for Greenspan. McRobbie (not Greenspan) announces the formation of some kind of blue ribbon committee to find the next coach. That committee will be led by Harry Gonso (Dakich speaks very poorly of him; maybe that’s sour grapes or maybe Dakich has observed Gonso up close and personal). They let Greenspan make the announcement: B+ coach Crean is our next guy. A couple of months later, Greenspan quietly disappears and starts formulating his plans to destroy the Rice athletics department.

September 2008 – March 2015: IU hires Fred Glass. B+ Crean takes a while, but he restores the program on the backs of some really solid kids. They leave and Crean replaces them with knuckleheads. Crean is utterly oblivious to this reality and doubles down on his own idiosyncracies as the program takes several steps back. Despite the disarray and the obvious leadership failures and the compromised realities of the program, Glass announces that Crean’s the answer and the problem is apparently a misunderstanding by a couple of kids and there’s really nothing to see here. Meanwhile, he inexplicably starts doing part of the coach’s job.

March 2015 – September 2015: Unsurprisingly, the cracks in the stewardship of the program continue to reveal themselves because they obviously existed previously and were mismanaged by all involved. Both the AD and the President of the University publicly announce they are doing part of the coach’s job and tell the world that IU sports are associated with ‘badness’ and otherwise don’t really do anything other than add to the noise and pressure. Crean reacts to the knuckleheadedness by exiling the least powerful individuals (who were certainly engaged in knuckleheadedness) in the drama. The powers that be give themselves a complete pass, shout loud harrumphs, and warn anyone who approaches the program that it’s totally mismanaged and they better watch themselves or they’ll be subject to random accountability ‘sessions’. Meanwhile, it’s apparent they’ve really fixed nothing (other than possibly their immediate job prospects) and their reactionary behaviors don’t really negate all that’s gone wrong or all that continues to fester. It’s not really clear what the program or the University stands for.