I’m glad he’s going to get to do the farewell tour ala Jud and Gene Keady…he deserves it for the run he’s had in Madison. I’ve come around on him over the past 6 years or so…I think the contentious nature of the MSU/Wisconsin rivalry as it was in the early oughts when he first got that job is long gone and you’ve got a respectful and even (among the two coaches, at least) almost friendly vibe now. Their fanbase is still filled with clowns of course, but that doesn’t matter…I’m talking about the coaches and their programs. Both do things the right way.

I think he has to go down as one of the truly elite coaches in the history of this conference. This is how I’d rank them:

1. Knight – 3 titles plus an ungodly number of wins…he has to be #1.
2. Izzo
3. Ryan
4. Keady
5. Henson

I’d say as pure coaches, I’d probably put guys like Lute Olson and Bill Self above Henson but neither lasted long enough in this league. Maybe Dick Bennett as well, but same deal.

Beilein doesn’t belong…not enough wins and too many non-post seasons years to get into that category.

Jud is tough…probably lower reaches of top 10. Some incredible highs and he closed well, but enough middling to less than that seasons that it hurts the overall picture a bit.