Makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it. Almost a perfect landing spot for any of the video stuff he does. They’re giving him a weekly show which sounds like it won’t be entirely focused on sports, and honestly, there couldn’t be a better spot for “30 For 30” type docs than that network. HBO has proven they can put half hour or even hour talk show style programming over in a major way (at least culturally if not in total eyeballs)…think about Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher and now John Oliver as examples, not to mention Bob Costas and Bryant Gumbel’s sports oriented programs.

The article mentions he has a production deal across their various digital platforms. That would be my only question and the article doesn’t completely answer it…what about Simmons and his (digital) print side? Is he free to find a partner for another broad based but sports rooted site ala Grantland? Does he even want to do that again? What about his own writing? HBO has zero presence in that world and I can’t imagine them trying to start one up now but who knows?