US looks better tonight against a better opponent in Puerto Rico…more coherence. Still don’t love the team, obviously, but they look a bit more like what I’d anticipated.

– I say it again…I’ll admit to having Green glasses on but WTF does Malcolm Brogdon do better than Denzel Valentine? He doesn’t shoot better…he doesn’t rebound as well…he surely isn’t close as a passer. Is he a better defender? If he is, it’s close. He’s not bigger. Yet Few has him ahead of Zel in the rotation (though Zel just entered the game for the US as I’m typing this). Bad idea, Mark…maybe I’m getting a little insight into why you can’t get the job done when it matters most at Gonzaga 

– Canada went to 2-0 by beating Argentina. No one has their A or B team (hell, the US has probably got an F+ team here) in this thing but still, it got me to thinking…sooner or later, Canada is going to emerge as a top 5 team in the world. So much talent coming through that country right now, particularly out of Ontario. They lack proven, dominant stars at the NBA level right now, but I suspect come the next World Championships (assuming they qualify) that may not be the case. Wiggins seems to have a shot to be that. As they continue to feed guys into the league (Thompson, Bennett, Murray, etc.), I think their talent level will soon likely be right there with anyone outside of the US.