Obviously a HUGE get (and for those who continue to show evidence of “battered Spartan syndrome,” the words from his parents suggest they’re fully on board with Michigan State as a destination ;)).

He’s tailor made for the current era of the game, with the way it’s now called. He’s a tall wing with a really, really nice handle from what I’ve seen on clips, and he’s got the ability to shoot the ball as well, so the whole floor opens up for him.

Probably can stand to get stronger, as you can say about 95% of high school kids but that certainly doesn’t look to be a weakness.

Right now, he’d be on track to be the highest rated MSU recruit since at least Gary Harris in 2012. Seems a highly likely McDonald’s AA as well, so if you believe that teams need multiple guys with that designation to contend for National titles, MSU is on track.