A triple double in a title clincher. He got off a tough start in the Finals but man, did he respond when Golden State needed him over these last three games. He got so close at MSU to a championship…a national title game, another Final Four appearance and then a third year where his team was a 1 seed, but they just couldn’t get over the hump. So happy to see him get it done at the NBA level and he sure as hell didn’t bandwagon his way into this title…he was a HUGE part of this thing.

Then you realize he’s only 25. He’s on a team with a similarly young core and which should remain a contender for years to come as long as they stay healthy and the dreaded “Disease of More” doesn’t damage them. Just an unbelievable future for that guy…and then you think about the kind of representative and ACTIVE ambassador he is for MSU’s program and man, it’s just so, so good.