Glynn Watson is a 6 foot point guard from suburban Chicago who makes the loss of Smith to a transfer a little easier to swallow. Watson is one of the better recruits (maybe THE best) Miles has signed thus far. He has excellent quickness, a good ability to get to the rim and a decent jumper with the potential to get better. He’s the younger brother of former Illinois guard Demitri McCamey and though he lacks his brother’s size and strength, he has a chance to be a similar kind of impact player at the Big Ten level. Given that Parker did a respectable job at the point last season, I wouldn’t expect Watson to step right into a starting role but I do think he’ll play a lot of minutes right away.

Ed Morrow is a 6’7″ 215lbs forward who represents the second half of the NU Chicagoland recruiting connection in this class. He’s a Simeon High product who would seem to be exactly what the Huskers need. He’s athletic and physical with an attacking mindset, likely to develop into an effective rebounder over time. He’ll need to continue to add strength to be able to maximize what he can do at the Big Ten level but his size and mindset should allow him to help this team immediately. Given their lack of size I wouldn’t be surprised to see Morrow start immediately. He’ll take his lumps early as he learns and develops physically but he has potential NU has all too rarely seen at his position.

Michael Jacobson is a 6’8″ 220lbs forward from Iowa who also should have a chance to get into the NU rotation immediately due to his size. He’s a stretch 4 type player, with good shooting ability but in need of increased strength to make a serious impact. Still, because NU is so short of interior players, I’d give him a chance to earn at least some spot duty early on.

Bakari Evelyn is a 6’2″ guard from Arizona who played most of his career in Southfield. He got lost in the shuffle a bit due to transferring schools and then being denied eligibility at his desired destination in Arizona (where he was slated to play for former Country Day “recruiter” (not much of a coach, really) Kurt Keener.). It may be tough for him to earn a lot of early time with both Parker and Watson on the roster but he gives NU a bigger option than either at the position.

Jack McVeigh is an Australian forward who reportedly is a great get for NU. He’s 6’8″ and supposedly has great ball skills to go with that size. I wouldn’t rule him out from having a shot at starting immediately as well, because even though he’s not a true power player in terms of physique (only 200lbs) he does have size and could be something of a mismatch 4 man at times for a team this desperate for interior play. I expect him to play a significant role regardless of whether he starts.

Miles is still reportedly looking to grab another big man, either via transfer or foreign routes most likely.

OVERALL – As noted, I think this is a big year for Miles. His job isn’t at stake or anything but in order to keep momentum heading in the right direction, he needs to put up a better season than last year. That may prove difficult, given NU’s personnel losses

This could be a less is more situation if NU can develop more versatility on offense with Petteway gone. Too often, NU stalled on offense last year and while this group doesn’t seem likely to ever be the Showtime Lakers, even marginal improvement would be welcome. NU has to find a way to score more easily than they have previously under Miles.

I think the talent level is improving in Lincoln. This looks to be a good recruiting class and those guys may be the eventual core of a good Nebraska team down the line. For this season, they appear to be a “have not” in a conference with a lot of “haves.” Shields gives them a proven weapon and Miles seems to generally be able to get his guys to play hard but that’s not going to be enough to turn this smallish, young team into anything resembling a contender for a Tournament bid.