There’s been speculation all spring about Billy Donovan leaving Florida to try his hand at the NBA. First it was Orlando but more recently there had been speculation around OKC and now that they’ve fired Brooks, the job is officially open. This one is more than just the normal speculation, it would appear, as OKC has hired guys who worked with Donovan at Florida and is known to be a big admirer of the coach. The question is, with OKC’s roster in flux (what happens with KD and/or Westbrook…seems to be questionable that they can continue to keep both long term), does Donovan want the job? It has some parallels to Izzo’s 2010 mulling over taking the Cleveland job, though OKC almost certainly will retain at least one of their superstars going forward.

If Donovan leaves, then I think you’d have a really interesting situation at Florida. The last time Billy D. flirted with the NBA, they had Anthony Grant as a hot name and obvious choice to take the job, as Goof Goodman has already pointed out on Twitter. Now? No such obvious name. Donovan seems to have turned that into a good to great job but I wonder what the perception is in the coaching ranks. Presumably Florida would be willing to spend big on a successor, probably in the same range as Texas I would think…but who would be interested in the job? Really have no idea.