We’ll see how it goes for him there. I think he’s going to come in playing “havoc” and get his ass kicked. Then we’ll see what he does…can he change, can he learn, can he adjust? Big XII is a tough conference…I’d say a close third behind the Big Ten and ACC on a year in, year out basis these days.

BTW, Gregg Marshall confirmed that at least he agreed with my assessment that Wichita State is a better job than Alabama by turning down the Tide and reupping with the Shockers. I think he would have left for Texas, personally, but they appeared to be entranced by a guy who is 2-4 in his last 6 NCAA Tournament games since his flukey Final Four run in 2011. By contrast, Marshall is 7-4 over the same period. I think Marshall will eventually move but it’ll only be for a major job…Texas would have fit the bill. I guess don’t rule out Florida either if Billy Donovan decides to jump to the NBA, a rumor which has picked up major steam over the last couple of days. Wichita did what they had to do for now but a job like Florida might be too enticing for Marshall to pass on if offered…and Florida would be foolish not to look his way.

Put up or shut up time