He’s gone out in the first round of the Tournament three straight years and last season, with Marcus Smart leading the charge, was definitely a disappointment but boy, I don’t know about that. Reportedly they’d have to pay a buyout just shy of $10 million to can Ford…that’s a big pill to swallow, even with PickensCash driving the train.

Supposedly there is pressure from boosters to get rid of him. My question is the same one any AD, booster, fan, etc. ought to ask in these situations…who are you going to be able to get to replace him? I don’t know the answer to that…maybe there’s a better option out there. To me, though, that’s far from a no-brainer job. The Big XII has become a very competitive conference now…Kansas & Texas have resources no one else in the league can match but Iowa State is now an every-year problem, OU under Kruger isn’t going anywhere, Cheatin’ Scott Drew will keep Baylor competitive with the checkbook, KState with Weber should always be at least respectable…really only TCU and Texas Tech aren’t teams you’d expect to be in the NCAA mix every year. Then add in that Stillwater isn’t exactly the Paris of the Plains and I don’t think it’s an easy place to win big at. Eddie Sutton did a nice job but they were only intermittently a factor. Yeah, you have Pickens’ money behind you but that isn’t always enough, not unless you’re going to use it to start buying players.