Looks like Mullin is a done deal at St.John’s. Good for him if he cares enough about that program to take this on but I have my doubts about the fit for a guy who’s been away from the college game for 30 years.

Looks like Tennessee is going to do the first smart thing in years by hiring Rick Barnes. Yeah, he underachieved at Texas but this is Tennessee…they have no right to expect anyone with a flawless resume to be interested in that job and one thing Barnes has always done is recruit. The negative is that he’s 60, so you don’t know how long you’ll have him for even if he does well but I’m betting they think he can go at least 5 or 6 years and that might be enough to put them on solid footing for the next guy. I think he can succeed in the SEC, at least to some degree. Most years, it’s not as competitive as the Big XII from top to bottom.

Texas reportedly discussed their opening with Shaka Smart today. If they hire him, it will be largely hailed as a great get and I will bet now that he does no better and perhaps worse than Barnes did on the actual court. Gregg Marshall is the substantive choice for that job and it’s not close IMO.

Yet, shockingly, Marshall, after reportedly telling Alabama he wasn’t interested, is rumored to be meeting with Alabama’s AD. Boy, that is a head scratcher to me if true. Perhaps he got signals from Texas that they were going the Shaka route. Even so, I’m not sure he doesn’t have a better job than Alabama where he is right now. That place is just a sinkhole for coaches…Wimp Sanderson had a nice long run but that’s awhile ago. I think Marshall is a hell of a coach and it’s true that you could always trade up from Bama if/when the time comes for a really good job but I’d think long and hard before taking that gig, even if they are offering $3 mill/year.