Time to wrap it up. Give the guy credit for consistently getting his team into the field but that’s where it stops. This is now two straight first round eliminations, and he got to the second game the two years before that. He has the one Final Four run in his first trip, which makes his career NCAA mark now a stunning 6-5. In his last two appearances, he’s been the higher seed and lost.

I hammer on this guy because his reputation seems to vastly outweigh his actual accomplishment on the court and I actively hate his style. Everyone knows OSU was in a fragile place psychologically entering that game but look who made plays when they had to be made. I’m at the point where I want him to take a Power 5 job because I think if he tries to play the same way he has at VCU he’s going to get his ass handed to him and I’d like that if only because I no longer have to hear people talk about him as if he’s something he’s clearly not.