Had the job for five years after fleeing Clemson. He was unbelievably awful there, going 54-105 OVERALL…in conference play through two iterations of the Big East he was 15-75. Guys don’t usually get 5 years when they’re that bad.

He just never made sense there. Not a Chicago guy, though he was coming off three straight NCAA Tournament appearances at Clemson, which isn’t easy to get done. I think it’ll be really interesting to see what DePaul tries to do. On the one hand, I wonder if that’s a job DJ would have interest in, but on the other, it’s become a coach killer.

I think the real answer for DePaul is to go out and get someone with real Chicago bonafides. Maybe go for broke and hire a Jerrance Howard or someone like that. Might be a disaster as an actual coach but they have to find a way to tap back into Chicagoland recruiting. That is the lifeblood of that program when it’s been good historically and they’ve become completely irrelevant over the past decade or so, basically since Cheatin’ Pat Kennedy rode out of town.